Twin Specialties and Scooters Grill and Bar: Joe Snow (Twin Specialties) introduced Raleigh to a new type of establishment for the biking community. He created a one stop place for bikers that included a bike shop and a bar and grill. He first opened up Twin Specialties, a custom bike shop, in 1992 on Whitaker Mill Road in Raleigh. Then, his dream and love of bikes persuaded him to relocate to a custom-built shop. In 1998, not only did he build a new and improved Twin Specialties, but he also included Scooters Bar & Grill, Southeast's US premier biker bar. In 2000 Jeff Goodwin and Mike Hutzler, local business and restaurant owners for over 20 years, gained ownership of Scooters Grill & Bar (changing the name around) while Joe focused on Twin Specialties. Now Scooters and Twin Specialties work together to provide the biking community with a place to entertain all of their riding needs!